A little friend for Janet

I left this little friend for Janet to find.

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Colorful Fall Leaves

fall leavesI added these pretty fall leaves to a mailbox post for my mom.

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Janet’s Yarns and Crafts, my favorite shop.

Janet’s Yarns and Crafts is my very favorite shop.

I took Janet a little gift today.


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A blooming mailbox post

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So here we have first a green stem, then some leaves grow, then more leaves, then there are a couple of buds, then they start to open, then they bloom.

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Spring flowers for a friend

I went to a friend’s house while she was gone on tuesday and left her a vine with leaves and spring flowers. Was gonna put it on the mailbox post but being as her box is on the opposite side of the road, her neighbor would see it and not her. So I put it around one of her trees instead.

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A little visit to Janet

a little sock

a little sock for Janet

Went to Janet’s Yarns & Crafts in Marshfield, WI to get some yarn for mother.
Of course I got some for myself as well, and left a little present for Janet to find;
this cute little sock. It’s made flat on the machine and sewn up the side. 8-)

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Winter Candy Cane Yarn Tags

I put up three pieces on December 5th, some poles became red & white candy canes for my mom to look at.
One is on the bird feeder pole and one is on the mailbox post. And then, just for fun, I put a little
piece on my son’s trailer to see how long it takes him to notice. 8-)
candy canes december 5th 2014

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