A little visit to Janet

a little sock

a little sock for Janet

Went to Janet’s Yarns & Crafts in Marshfield, WI to get some yarn for mother.
Of course I got some for myself as well, and left a little present for Janet to find;
this cute little sock. It’s made flat on the machine and sewn up the side. 8-)

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Winter Candy Cane Yarn Tags

I put up three pieces on December 5th, some poles became red & white candy canes for my mom to look at.
One is on the bird feeder pole and one is on the mailbox post. And then, just for fun, I put a little
piece on my son’s trailer to see how long it takes him to notice. 8-)
candy canes december 5th 2014

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A couple of little tags

Had lunch at a nice little park with a couple of friends and left a tag in a tree there.

Went for a short walk this afternoon and tagged a tree with a little caterpillar.critter


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Spring flower yarn storm

Almost forgot I was going to show you pics of the spring yarn storm in Marshfield awhile ago. Bodacious Bombers again. I tagged their little project too when I saw it.
I like this spring outfit even better than the Xmas one.




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Zig zag post

Tired of Winter and staying inside because it’s cold. I put up a new yarn bomb on a post near the school this afternoon.

zig zag post

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Library Yarn Bombed During Snowstorm

striped bench-libraryThe library in Marshfield was yarn-bombed during a snow storm today by anonymous yarn bombers. ;-)

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Candy Cane Post

mailbox postI transformed this old rusty laundry line post into a bright candy cane for my Mom to enjoy.  That’s the bird feeder hanging at the end of it; so the birds get to enjoy the bright colors also. LOL Also did the mail box for her.


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