Things knitters do when they are bored.

What knitters do when they are bored….? look for some kind of sticks and a piece of string or something resembling it. 

I sat in my vehicle, bored and waiting for someone to do their shopping.  So what was I doing when they finally came back?

I had a pair of toothpicks and a tiny ball of leftover sock yarn and I was knitting a really small version of the ‘Wingspan’ pattern I got on Ravelry to knit some shawls from. 

But, in my defense, they were large toothpicks, like the kind they stick through your club sandwich to hold it together (4 inches long, They are actually the same diameter as a US#1 needle.)

Anyway, I made a little sock yarn necklace while I was waiting. When I wrap it twice, I can also wear it as a bracelet. I sewed a clasp on it when I got home.  How cool is that?  Great things are sometimes devised by bored knitters. LOL

DSCF0379 doubled strand

I liked it, so I decided to make more.  Here’s my camo sock yarn on the toothpicks. 


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