May in Minocqua

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In Pursuit of White

white knit bar

white laceweight

by the end of it
the madness

vanished into
the basement

not true white
stomped down the street


Found poetry¬† (With a nod to the ‘Yarn Harlot’)


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Pink in the Park

Here’s a little pink piece I put up in the park.¬† I really want to see more Spring color.

4-27-16 c-park

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A little friend for Janet

I left this little friend for Janet to find.

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Colorful Fall Leaves

fall leavesI added these pretty fall leaves to a mailbox post for my mom.

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Janet’s Yarns and Crafts, my favorite shop.

Janet’s Yarns and Crafts is my very favorite shop.

I took Janet a little gift today.


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A blooming mailbox post

042215_1604[00] 042515_1440[01] 051715_1212[00] 052015_1159[00] 052115_1241[00]

So here we have first a green stem, then some leaves grow, then more leaves, then there are a couple of buds, then they start to open, then they bloom.

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